Mistress Ava Denunciar anúncio

Keep in your mind that you’re talking to a Euro-African Queen, bisexual, very elegant and intelligent. I love to be adored... I tend to be quiet and polite but I’m thinking a lot behind My glasses… be obedient and I show you My thoughts. I like the idea of keeping a man in a cage or tied hand and foot to the frame of the doorway, or told to wear a plug at the restaurant. Age play… crossdressers… I like having a man who does it all, not because he has to, not because he could not escape the bondage or just say «no», but because he wants to. I like a man who is strong, independent, intelligent and submissive (but only to Me). I can be a sensual Mistress or a very dominant/strict, depending on My mood. From the mild and sensuous… until the voluptuousness of torture, you will belong to Me.


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